A podcast where Landlord John Robins and his most dedicated regular, Robin Allender, invite a special guest to create their perfect pub.

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Thanyia Moore - Moore Drinks (Part 1)

Comedy lends itself to spending a lot of time in pubs. Whether it's on a wooden box in a back room, on a carpeted stage in the corner or simply leaning on a bar sharing an anecdote to a large group of people, you're never too far away from a laugh in a pub. As such, the relationship between comedians and pubs can often be a special one. This week's guest is one of the finest stand-up comedians in the UK, and has spent plenty of time plying her trade in pubs up and down the land: it's the wonderful Thanyia Moore! 

As well as appearing on the likes of Mock The Week, The Duchess and Pure Thanyia is one of the hottest prospects in stand-up. She performed her debut Edinburgh show last year and is currently in the middle of a MASSIVE UK tour, so no doubt she's been spending the odd evening sampling the best alehouses this country has to offer. But will they have any affect on her own dream pub? Listen to find out.

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