A podcast where Landlord John Robins and his most dedicated regular, Robin Allender, invite a special guest to create their perfect pub.

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Mike Bubbins - The Canadian (Part 2)

The Moon Under Water is the only ‘Pub of the Mind’ present in the further realm. However, one thing not to be forgotten is that there is an innumerable number of realms out there, and with them an innumerable number of mystical pubs, alehouses, taverns and bars. Joining us this week is the proprietor of one such establishment… it’s the one and only Mike Bubbins! 

Mike is a comedian, writer, actor, former PE teacher and host of the amazing Socially Distant Sports bar alongside Steff Garrero and another up and coming Welsh presenter called Elis James. Whilst their bar is less about pints and wine and more about pole-vaulting and Wales it’s still an amazing place to hang out and we cannot recommend it enough. But even though Mike resides in a fantasy pub it’s not the pub of his dreams; and we can’t wait to hear what sort of place he’s going to create. 

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